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   Part number  Description
   JEV  85oC  Standard,  High  Temperature  Reflow  Soldering.
   JGV  105oC  Long  Life,  High  Temperature  Reflow  Soldering.
   100ZL20  105C  High  ripple  Current,  Low  impedance
   10ZL470MEFC8X11.5  105? High  ripple  current,  Low  impedance.
   16MS747MEFC5X7  85? 7mm  Height.
   16YXF470MEFC10X12.5  105? Long  Life. Low  impedance.
   16ZL470MEFC8X16  105? High  ripple  current,  Low  impedance.
   25ZLH150MEFC6.3X11  105? Miniaturized,  Long  Life,  Low  impedance.
   25ZLH330MEFC8X11.5  105? Miniaturized,  Long  Life,  Low  impedance.
   35YXG1000M12.5X25  105? High  ripple  current. Long  Life.
   35YXG1000MEFCG412.5X25  105? High  ripple  current. Long  Life.
   35YXJ1000M12.5X20  105? Miniaturized.Long Life,Low  impedance.
   35YXM33MEFC5X11  Load  Life  : 105? 10000  hours,  Miniaturized.
   35ZLH100MEFC6.3X11  105? Miniaturized,  Long  Life,  Low  impedance.
   35ZLH220MEFC8X11.5  105? Miniaturized,  Long  Life,  Low  impedance.
   35ZLH470MEFC10X16  105? Miniaturized,  Long  Life,  Low  impedance.
   50TZV100M8X10.5  105? Low  Impedance,  Lead  Free  Reflow  Soldering.
   50YXF100MEFCTA8X11.5  105? Long  Life. Low  impedance.
   50YXF330MEFC10X20  105? Long  Life. Low  impedance.
   50YXF1000MEFC16X25  105? Long  Life. Low  impedance.
   50YXG220M10X16  105? High  ripple  current. Long  Life.
   50ZL100MEFC8X11.5  105? High  ripple  current,  Low  impedance.
   100YXF10MEFC6.3X11  105? Long  Life. Low  impedance.
   100ZLH100MEFC10X20  105? Miniaturized,  Long  Life,  Low  impedance.
   200MXC470MEFCSN25X30  105? Standard,  Snap-in  Terminal  Type
   400MXC120MEFCSN25X25  105? Standard,  Snap-in  Terminal  Type
   450CXW150MEFC18X40  105? Long  Life(5000  hours),Ultra  Miniaturized
   450MXC100MEFCSN25X30  105? Standard,  Snap-in  Terminal  Type
   450MXG220MEFCSN30X30  105? Miniaturized,  Snap-in  Terminal  Type
   450WXA47MEFC18X25  105? ?ow profile.
   25YXG100MEFC6.3X11  105? High  ripple  current. Long  Life.
   35NSKV4.7M5X5.5  105C Bi-polar,  Lead  Free  Recflow  Soldering
   35TZV47M6.3X6.1  105? Low  Impedance,  Lead  Free  Reflow  Soldering.
   35TZV330M10X10.5  105? Low  Impedance,  Lead  Free  Reflow  Soldering.
   35ZLH330MEFC10X12.5  105? Miniaturized,  Long  Life,  Low  impedance.
   50YXF100MEFC8X11.5  105? Long  Life. Low  impedance.
   63RX30220M12.5X20  Load  Life  : 130? 1000?4000 hours.
   63YXF100MEFC10X12.5  105? Long  Life. Low  impedance.
   100YXF100MEFC12.5X20  105? Long  Life. Low  impedance.
   400QXW180MEFC18X40  105? Ultra  Miniaturized
   16ZLH1000MT810X16  105? Miniaturized,  Long  Life,  Low  impedance.
   25MS747MEFC6.3X7  85? 7mm  Height.
   25ZLH150MEFCT16.3X11  105? Miniaturized,  Long  Life,  Low  impedance.
   25ZLH470MEFC10X12.5  105? Miniaturized,  Long  Life,  Low  impedance.
   50YXF470MEFC12.5X20  105? Long  Life. Low  impedance.
   50YXF2200MEFC18X35.5  105? Long  Life. Low  impedance.
   80ZLJ470M16X25  105? Miniaturized,  Long  Life,  Low  impedance,  High  ripple.
   100YXF330MEFC16X25  105? Long  Life. Low  impedance.
   3R2002RSW75F  Resonant  switchers,  power  factor  correction  and  main  converter
   3R2002GSW100  Resonant  switchers,  power  factor  correction  and  main  converter
   3R2002GSW75  Resonant  switchers,  power  factor  correction  and  main  converter
   3R2002RSW  Resonant  switchers,  power  factor  correction  and  main  converter
   3R2002GSW150  Resonant  switchers,  power  factor  correction  and  main  converter

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